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International Kouksundo seminar with Master Kim Ki Yong

International Kouksundo seminar with Master Kim Ki Yong

Russia, Moscow region, 22– 25 September
It is the first Master Kim’s visit to Russia since 2012!

Kouksundo is an ancient Korean tradition of comprehensive self-development and self-healing through practice.

The seminar leader, Master Kim Ki Young, is a disciple of Grand Master Chong San who made Kouksundo popular in Korea and worldwide; also he is the leader (Senior Master) of main Kouksundo center in Seoul, South Korea. Nowadays Kouksundo is considered as Korean national treasure, it is a part of the government healthcare programm in South Korea.

An introduction for beginners will be included in the seminar plan!

Benefits of Kouksundo practice:
1. Correct breathing and vital energy control;
2. Elimination of body blocks and related diseases;
3. Increased flexibility and strength;
4. Normal sleep and digestion;
5. Increased vitality;
6. High stress resistance.

The main feature of Kouksundo practice is highly developed method of lower abdomen breathing with special body postures performed in certain sequences.

Seminar schedule:

22 September (Friday evening, 18:00-21:00) – the origins and basics of Kouksundo, the basic principles of practice, the importance of correct breathing. Basic methods of Danjeon breathing, practice and a question and answer session.

23-24 September (Saturday-Sunday , 10:00-13:00 & 16:00-19:00) – theory+practice of the first Kouksundo level (ki-circulating exercises, Danjeon breathing with body positions of the first level, finishing exercises and exercises for internal organs’ strengthening), and all necessary clarifications for your self-practice.

24 September (Monday , 10:00-13:00) – in-depth practice for all, a question and answer session, informal conversations.
The seminar will be held in a beautiful and quiet place in Moscow region (70 km from downtown), in the retreat center "North Kunsangar". 

We’ll write you how to get there (it’s easy) in a response to your registration e-mail!

Seminar prices & options:
$250 – all days (from Friday evening till Monday);
$200 – two full days (Saturday+Sunday);
$150 – one full day (Saturday or Sunday);

There are the following discounts for these prices:
-20% - standart discount for Kouksundo Bonwon members;
-15% - discount for couples (only for newbies);
The discounts can be summarized!

There are comfortable 2-/4-/8-bed-rooms (your choice), three vegetarian meals are included in the room prices:
3 meals & living in a 8-bed-room: $20 a day per person
3 meals & living in a 4-bed-room: $25 a day per person
3 meals & living in a 2-bed-room: $30 a day per person
3 meals & living in a lux-room: $40 a day per person
If you register early, you are more likely to get twin rooms!

To register, you need to write an email to kouksundo2017@yandex.ru

You should include the following information into your e-mail letter:
- Full name and location (country and city/town);
- How many days you will participate;
- Arrival date & time;
- Your kouksundo practice level (beginner/experienced);
- Date and time you will arrive ;
- Do you request a promotion to the next Kouksundo level & belt. Before making a request, please consider “Kouksundo BonWon regulations for membership and promotion”;
- Do you need an invitation to get russian visa (the process will be easier with an invitation);
- We can order a tobo from Korea – a special blue-red clothes for Kouksundo practice ($50) as well as Kouksundo Bonwon T-shirts ($20-30), please write if you want us to order them for you.

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